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Over the many years of my career I have discovered 20 habits that almost all successful and wealthy people have. I was able to retire at age 55 because I try to follow those habits every day.

I have been mentoring people to learn these habits since 1980. Helping others discover or remember their dreams that inspire passion – then helping them face the fears that stand in the way of their following those dreams – Helping them reach clarity and open the way for the life-journey they always wanted. Understanding relationships and how to nurture them is key to this success. Here are some testimonials from those who have chosen to share with you.

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Randy Martinsen
Have you ever felt lost - Like all the answers are out of reach? I had a very hard childhood that left me pretty messed up. I felt lost all the time. I had several emotional break downs because I just couldn't find the answers to get myself on track with life. I couldn't break free from this frustrating cycle until Randy came into my life. He was the answer to my prayers. With incredible patience he helped me learn simple tools that I continue to use in my life every day - They have not only helped me, but have given me the ability to teach others how to find their passions in life and let go of the fears that prevent us from following them.

I recently wrote, "Caught between the confines of doubt and fear, unable to move forward, just left to stay in one place. I hang my head and wipe my eyes and wonder just how much longer I can try to understand. How long I have waited - This journey so often belated. Through the fog a hand touches mine, a gentle voice, a sound out of time. I'm a weary traveler frightened of my path - But for this moment may I travel with you?" I wrote this about Randy, a wonderful man who was there for me. He knows his stuff and I will be forever thankful for his help through troubling times.